Mermi and her crew of colorful minions do their best to handle all the hassle of making cool merchandise, but Merch Minion realizes that for many people, creating custom products online may be new, and possible intimidating. With that in mind, we've tested & minion-proofed our fulfillment processes and over time have developed the best balance of automation and human supervision. (Minion's are easily distracted by shinies, energy drinks, and are prone to random bursts of dancing.)

If the products you receive are not what you expect, or if the goods are otherwise flawed, then you may return the custom goods for a full refund, within 15days of receiving your custom order. All we ask is that you notify Merch Minion before returning any goods to ensure that your return is handled quickly and accurately.

Please Note that while a Minion does look at every order submitted and do their best to catch errors, they cannot be responsible for:

  • Spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors made by the customer.
  • Inferior quality or low-resolution of uploaded images. 
  • Design errors introduced by the customer in the design creation process.
  • Errors in user-selected options such as product type or size.


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